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It's unbelievable how many garbage, duplicate, and temporary files accumulate on a PC's hard drive. These files have to be deleted if you don't want to run out of space on your hard drive or slow down your computer.

Thanks to FULL-DISKfighter, you can get rid of all of this trash and recover all of the space you need.

How does FULL-DISKfighter get rid of all of this unnecessary garbage on your hard drive?

- It cleans, scans, and gets rid of all of the problems that cause the numerous unnecessary files on your hard drive.
- It optimizes your hard drive's performance by analyzing and defragmenting it.
- It finds duplicate files. It analyzes, looks for, and deletes every unnecessary file on your hard drive.
- It finds and explores big files that weigh more than 50 MB.

The scan doesn't take very long and, once it's done, FULL-DISKfighter shows a summary of the unnecessary files and the space they take up, although it doesn't specify what each file is.

With the trial version of FULL-DISKfighter, you can only do a quick scan. In order to do a complete clean, you have to get the license.

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